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Miranevada,Mountain Houses, are situated in Alfacar, about 1.000 metres above sea level, in the foothills of La Alfaguara mountain, one of a chain of mountains that make up the Natural Park of the Sierra de Huétor.The little villages of Víznar and Nívar, with their rural charm, are only 1 kilometre away.

Alfacarthe ancient home and pleasure resort of the Moorish Nazari Kings, is located along the Caliphate Route (from Granada to Córdoba), only 7 kilometres away from the city of Granada along the local road GR-NE-2 and 10 kilometres along the A92, the highway (autovía) that crosses the whole of Andalusia from east to west.

Only 10 minutes from Granada, half an hour from the Sierra Nevada National Park and about an hour from the coast (the Costa Tropical).Miranevada,Mountain Houses, are located in an ideal spot to settle and rest, and offer a base from which you can go exploring and then return if you wish to get to know the whole of the province of Granada with one-day visits.

After immersing yourself in History and Art by visiting the Alhambra the García Lorca Memorial Park or following the, Route of the Caliphate, you can then go sunbathing and swimming at the coast the Costa Tropical, or enjoy outdoor activities such as hillwalking, horse riding, paragliding, or mountain climbing in the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park. And then you return toMiranevadaMountain Houses where you can rest in our lodgings and relax as you re-live the emotional experiences you have enjoyed and be moved as you contemplate the beauty of Nature.

And for true sybarites who enjoy voluptuous luxury, there is always the possibility of a Shiatsu massage or for the artists, learning Chinese Handwriting.



Miranevada, Mountain Houses, ,a complex of houses at the foot of the Sierra of Alfacar.


Accommodation based on a long tradition.


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