Created by our parents, Antonio Hita and Angustias Marín, at the end of the fifties,Miranevada,Mountain Houses, is not just a tourist business but also represents our philosophy of life.

The Hita Marín family has taken up the legacy of their parents, tourist pioneers in Alfacar, and has made it their life's work, reaping the fruits of their labours and so making their work a pleasure. The refurbishment of the 16 little houses which make upMiranevada,Mountain Houses, has been undertaken according to that aim and a new house, providing two individual flats, has been built. But it is not just a question of rural accommodation; inMiranevada,Mountain Houses, this family philosophy has been put into practice and the result is an appreciation of Nature by creating from it, enjoying the task and wishing to share that pleasure with others.

We cannot imagine a house without a garden, a view and friends to share it. ThusMiranevada,Mountain Houses, was devised (and continues to be devised) as a place of recreation in close contact with Nature where human hand makes Mother Earth, if possible, even more generous. In Alfacar, at the foot of La Alfaguara mountain, (within the natural park of Sierra de Huétor) there nestle theMiranevada,Mountain Houses, cwhich provide an oasis of tranquillity in the natural paradise of the mountain scenery. The fruits of the walnut trees feed the squirrels from the park whenever drought sterilizes the pines, allowing us, as we recline in the deckchairs on the terraces, to contemplate the unusual scene of almost one hundred-year-old cedars, cypresses, walnut and plane trees as they stretch their boughs before us.

The seasonal changes are of an indescribable beauty; the luminosity of Summer invites us to outdoor living; the colourful fall of leaves in Autumn prepares us for the enjoyment of the snow and cold of Winter which in turn allows us to appreciate indoor comforts as we chat with friends around the fire; and then comes Spring, the rebirth of the withered Nature which, inMiranevada, Mountain Houses, is simply spectacular.

The Hita Marín family, proud both of this material and spiritual legacy, wishes to continue to share it with those who, like themselves, take delight each season in the miracle of life, both natural and artificial, either sharing that delight with friends or on their own devoting the necessary time to that enjoyment.



Miranevada, Mountain Houses, ,a complex of houses at the foot of the Sierra of Alfacar.


Accommodation based on a long tradition.


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