Gárgoris y Habidis

Currently we are offering 2 flats, one that can accommodate 2-4 persons and the other 5-7. These flats are located in a beautiful newly-built house where modern architecture is combined with traditional materials, together with a taste for design that blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

Like our mythical ancestors we seek prosperity through careful management of our natural resources; for this reason, both flats, Gárgoris and Habidis, are the result of a symbiosis that links construction with Nature. Similarly, to help you to enjoy the natural surroundings we have sought to provide comfort, in the house as well as the garden and terrace, through double glazing, cavity wall insulation, heating and hot water, unrivalled location and beautiful views.

Bed linen is changed once a week and hand and bath towels are provided weekly.



Miranevada, Mountain Houses, ,a complex of houses at the foot of the Sierra of Alfacar.


Accommodation based on a long tradition.


Location and how to get to our accommodation.

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